Eliminate Hair Lice Safely

  Being a parent having a head lice infestation, you’d like to learn, “How to eliminate hair  lice safely without needing pesticide sprays and harmful chemicals?”

The reply is Clearlice…

Clearlice never uses any pesticide sprays, poisons or chemicals. Our non-toxic head lice items are completely safe and guaranteed effective.

Clearlice differs from other store brands, prescription head lice remedies, internet-based head lice items because it’s Pesticide-free & Non-Toxic, Natural, head Lice items for the, hair, laundry, home, and cars,
Laboratory examined, Consists of a proprietary mixture of All-Natural enzymes and botanical blends that replicate the molting procedure for head lice.

“Clearlice items are natural, non-toxic and incredibly effective. Like a physician along with a parent, I suggest Clearlice because it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or poisons with neurotoxic or endocrine troublesome effects.

Other conventional brands of lice removal could cause short-term problems including itchiness, burning and skin irritation. Chronic contact with a few of the toxic chemicals present in these items for example linden and permethrin, are particularly hazardous to youngsters. Lindane is really a known neurotoxin and endocrine troublesome pesticide. Clearlice doesn’t contain these potentially dangerous pesticide sprays, poisons or chemicals.

Clearlice functions by using natural enzymes to dissolve the protective shells of head lice and nits. Once this protective outer casing is divided, the lice and nits are actually uncovered to Clearlice’s natural botanical blend. Lice cannot become up against the enzymes, since it is exactly the same natural process they will use to molt.


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