Clearlice provides natural head lice treatment



Clearlice is a natural head lice treatment that gets rid of lice & nits on your head, on your furniture, and in your laundry.
The Benefits of Clearlice products are
* One day treatment
* Get your sanity back
* Get your kids back to school or camp
* Pesticide-Free
* Safe for your children
* Deadly for head lice & Nits
* Treats “Super Lice”
* Lice can NOT become immune to Clearlice
* Overnight delivery available
* 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
* the fasted Most effective head lice treatment available.


All Clearlice items are canned in state of the art facilities under strict manufacturing recommendations. We simply make use of the greatest quality elements rather than use any pesticide sprays, poisons, or dangerous chemicals.



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