Clarlice-Natural Head Lice Treatment

  To say head lice are ‘no fun’ is drastically understating the problem. The good news is with proper head lice treatment of both your house and everybody in it, you can effectively eliminate lice and all their footprints from your home.

You can use numerous head lice applications, all the way from head lice shampoos to prescription lice treatments. Having said that, lice treatments are only part of the solution. In order to truly wipe out the lice once and for all, you need to apply treatment to the house too.


Clearlice offers you the best treatment for head lice. Large pharmaceutical companies manufacture the brands you see in the stores. These companies are multi-billion dollar corporations (we won’t mention any names, but you know who they are). It is almost impossible to compete for shelf space in a major drug store chain against these huge corporations with deep pockets. By offering our products directly to you, we are able to cut out the middle man. Clearlice is the best product on the market to get rid of “LICE.

You must treat your head and your home environment to end a lice infestation in one day, and stop it from coming back. “Getting rid of head lice requires treating the individual, the family, and the household.”

Choose the head lice treatment system that is right for you and your family.  We have head lice treatment systems for one person and treatment systems for your entire family.

Our ingredients come from all over the world. Some of these ingredients are very rare, and expensive. Clearlice is more expensive then store bought chemical brands, but it’s safe, and it works.




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