Clearlice- Head Lice Treatment

  When a child comes home from school with head lice, it is usually only a matter of days before the rest of the family gets it too. Head lice do not fly or jump, but they are fast and great at climbing from host to host. They can and do spread like wildfire.

This is why we put together the family head lice kits and large home environment kits. These head lice kits were specifically designed to treat multiple family members and get large family homes lice free and prevent re-infestation.

Our head lice family kits and our Large home environment kits include the same great products that are in the one person and small home kits, but are double the size.

Remember you have two problems:
-The lice in your hair
-The lice in your home (sheets, clothes, sofa, chairs, cars, etc…)

Family Size Head Lice Kit

Natural Enzymatic shampoo with botanical blend (2)
Natural Enzymatic conditioner with botanical blend (2)
Stainless steel micro textured comb
Shower cap (2)

Large Home Environment Kit

Natural enzymatic laundry additive with botanical blend (2)
Natural enzymatic household spray with botanical blend (2)

There are other products online that may be cheaper. But you will get what you pay for. Our products are All-natural and contain a proprietary blend of natural enzymes and natural botanicals.

We include a patented comb that is far superior to any comb on the market. It uses micro texture technology to destroy lice as it passes through them. Because it is precision made with lasers, it is completely painless and does not pull hair at all. Its microscopic rounded edges do not poke or stab the scalp.

All of Clearlice products are bottled in state of the art facilities under strict manufacturing guidelines. We only use the highest quality ingredients and never use any pesticides, poisons, or harmful chemicals.

Most products do not treat the home environment. And remember that nits will take up to 7-10 days to hatch and will be looking for human blood to feast on.

Order Clearlice today and be lice free tomorrow. We guarantee it.


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